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Planes Collide on Runway at Pearson and JFK Airports

Two separate incidents on runways at different airports in North America highlight that even when planes are on the ground, there is a risk of runway accidents causing injury to passengers and crew. Although many people ignore the warnings that when a plane is taxiing on the runway, they must remain seated and wearing their seatbelt, passengers aboard planes at Pearson Airport in Toronto, Canada, and JFK airport in New York, might heed that warning more strongly. Luckily, there were no injuries to any passengers in either accident, but they still show that there are risks for commercial airline passengers whether in the air or on the ground.

Americans Killed in Costa Rica Plane Crash

Investigators are looking into what caused a fatal plane crash in Costa Rica that killed 10 Americans and two crewmembers shortly after takeoff. The victims were onboard a Nature Air flight that crashed in Nandayure, Costa Rica. The deceased include families from Scarsdale, New York and Belleair, Florida. As their loved ones come to grips with the tragedy, the United States has said it will aid in the investigation. The crash has raised some concerns about international airline travel.

NTSB Employee One of Three Killed in Oldenburg Plane Crash

The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) is investigating a fatal small-plane crash in Oldenburg, Indiana, and this time, the incident involves one of their own. Dr. Paul Schuda, the director of the NTSB training center in Ashburn, Virginia, was killed in the crash, with the single-engine Cessna piloted by a friend of Schuda's. A total of three people and a dog died in the December 16, 2017, accident.

San Diego Plane Crash Demolishes Home, Leaves Two Dead

A Beechcraft B36 Bonanza crashed not far from San Diego after the pilot radioed to report engine failure and then attempted an emergency landing in a schoolyard and park. The aircraft skidded along the ground after making contact and broke through a nearby fence, crashing into the home behind it and causing a catastrophic fire.

Investigators Looking into Chesterfield Plane Crash

Investigators have begun their examination of the wreckage of a fatal Beechcraft Bonanza crash in Chesterfield, Missouri, that killed pilot Jim Smith. The accident happened on Wednesday, December 6, as the plane was traveling to Spirit of St. Louis Airport from Deer Valley Airport in Phoenix, Arizona. Although the investigation into the small plane crash is only beginning, reports have emerged that the pilot knew he wouldn't make it to the airport. Some witnesses have called him a hero for crashing the plane where he did, preventing further loss of life.

Four Killed in Barren County, Kentucky Plane Crash

The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) has released its preliminary report into the small plane crash in Fountain Run, Kentucky that killed three adults and one teenager. Although the report does not list any causes for the fatal small plane crash, it does provide information into what witnesses saw immediately before the accident and gives an account of the circumstances surrounding the tragedy.

Three Dead in Arkansas Medical Helicopter Crash

A medical helicopter with three men on board has crashed near the town of DeWitt, Arkansas, killing all three. Officials have not identified a cause for the medical helicopter crash, or released many details, but an investigation is underway with the help of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB).

MLB Player, Roy Halladay, Dies in Gulf of Mexico Plane Crash

Roy Halladay, a former Major League Baseball (MLB) pitcher, died in a small plane crash in the Gulf of Mexico on Tuesday, November 7. Safety experts pointed out that this is the second fatal crash in 2017 involving the ICON A5, a plane that was advertised to be easy for pilots to fly and safe due to it being equipped with a parachute. While previous crashes have been blamed on pilot error, the frequency of ICON crashes has led some aviation safety advocates to raise important questions about the causes of these plane accidents.

Preliminary Report Released for Ted Christopher's Fatal Plane Crash

The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) has released their preliminary report on a September 16, 2017, plane crash in Connecticut that killed 59-year-old racing legend Ted Christopher, but gave few answers as to what might have been the cause of the fatal crash. Further investigation into the potential causes of the small plane crash is underway, while thousands of Christopher's fans mourn the famed driver.

Search Called Off for Men Missing After Molokai Helicopter Crash

The Coast Guard announced it was calling off the search for a missing helicopter and the two men aboard it four days after the aircraft is believed to have gone down in the waters off of Molokai, Hawaii. The Robinson R44 was on a day flight from the island of Oahu to the island of Molokai and was on its way home when it disappeared.

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