Asiana Facing Heavy Sanctions in Wake of SFO Crash

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October 22, 2014

The South Korean government is considering heavy sanctions against Asiana Airlines after last year's fatal crash of Asiana Flight 214 at San Francisco International Airport. Korean aviation laws say that the airline could have its flight route between Seoul and San Francisco suspended for a period of between 45 and 135 days or face a fine of roughly 2.25 billion won ($2.1 million US).

South Korea Transport MinistryAsiana is appealing to South Korea's Transport Ministry for a lighter sanction, saying that suspending the lucrative route between Incheon International Airport and San Francisco would be disruptive for customers. The route suspension for a period of 90 days would cost the airline roughly 30 to 40 billion won.

Korean Air has criticized Asiana over their attempts at avoiding sanctions, saying that Asiana is trying to avoid responsibility for the fatal crash. In a press release issued last week, Korean Air said that if the government is inconsistent in handing out sanctions, it would jeopardize its own credibility.

According to the Korea Herald, Korean Air was subjected to heavy sanctions in the 1990's when one of their flights crashed in Guam killing 228 people. When the airline was denied air travel rights and faced a three-month business suspension, Asiana Airlines grew quickly by adding 34 new travel routes.